*This post was copied from my original blog from my website, as I am switching over to wordpress. Original published date was 07.16.13*

The Old Site

Alert the media and drop the confetti, this website finally got a make over!

I didn’t mean for my website to collect dust bunnies and cobwebs, it just sort of happened. But now, I’m giving my web-face a fresh new look and am pretty excited about it. And I’m adding this here blog page. Fancy! Who knows what direction this page will go yet, but I plan to give insights on current projects (like case-studies and graphic makeovers), photography outings, what’s going on the studio, and maybe even sneak peeks at home-life (I’ll try to keep the cheesy kid photos to a minimum, but they ARE just so incredibly cute!).
Speaking of “the studio”, in case you don’t follow me on Facebook, I’ve renamed my home office “the studio” because it sounds a lot more fun to say “I spent all day in the studio!” My long-time mentor Dr. Richard Eley (aka: Doc) uses this quote a bit:
Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”
So there you go. Enough said.
So, be sure to check back soon!