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*This post was copied from my original blog from my website, as I am switching over to wordpress. Original published date was 08.15.13*

I’ve been quiet on the blog this past week.

Summer is rolling to a screeching halt and school is right around the corner for all of us with kiddos. One project that has been on my to-do list all summer has been a special request from a certain high school teacher for a piece of artwork to post in his classroom. No guidelines or parameters for the work, just that it includes this quote as daily inspiration and encouragement to himself and his students. The quote is from our Pastor at Grace who regularly uses this and variations of it in his weekly teachings. It’s great. It’s deep. It’s moving. Really.
So all summer the “Gospel Quote Project” has been written and re-written on my weekly schedule and inspiration had yet to strike. Last week I forced myself to just write it in my sketchbook. And this is what I ended up with it.
This is a small version and just the planning stage of what the final piece will be (which, by the way, YES, I have started the real version). I snapped a quick photo of it last week with my crackberry and shared it on Facebook and then received several requests for a copy. So, here you go friends! Click the link to download a printable pdf for your personal use.

Gospel Quote Download

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for the final version!