Do you ever have those moments when there is so much going on that you just need a break from the routine to just breathe? I do. Between my regular job, freelance projects, project planning, business planning, meal planning, school functions, church functions, mama-ing, wife-ing, friend-ing, and juggling a million thoughts at one time in brain… sometimes I just need to get quiet and just be.

I recently introduced myself to the blog of an artist named Megan Wells. She’s got some really great work. You should check it out sometime. One of her posts back in May was on “Overcoming the Opposite of Creative Block” and oh how I can relate! I was immediately inspired to take her suggestion and walk myself through her exercise – focus on one phrase, limit the supplies and get it out.

So I did. No pressure. No end-product in mind. Nothing to prep and print. Just be.

I limited myself to just a 2-page spread in my small (5.5×8.5in) art journal and my Pilot Precise pen, and I just filled the pages with the phrase that keeps echoing in my head over and over…

2013schacon_JustBe14 2013schacon_JustBe112013schacon_JustBe13 2013schacon_JustBe092013schacon_JustBe12    2013schacon_JustBe062013schacon_JustBe102013schacon_JustBe01 2013schacon_JustBe07  2013schacon_JustBe08 2013schacon_JustBe042013schacon_JustBe03  2013schacon_JustBe02 2013schacon_JustBe15

Your turn! Grab a journal, a pen, a favorite phrase and doodle away!