This was my view early this morning. Wet. A little chilly. A bit uninspiring. I had wrapped up my to-do list for the week for work.

My freelance work was all caught up, including the launch of the next issue of Staffing Now. If you’re in the recruiting realm, it might be a good resource for you. Tell them I sent you.


So perusing my blogroll this morning, I noticed Aimee from Artsyville has joined in a challenge for November. And following her paper-trail like every good blogger, I discovered a new group over at CreativeEveryDay participating in Art Every Day Month. I’m up for a good challenge and low-commitment, so I’ve decided to join in on the fun. For the month of November I’ll try to whip up something new to post everyday. Every.Day. There are no strict guidelines to abide by, just that it has to be created by me in whatever media I chose.

aedmlogoredSo today, I cracked open a new pack of gouache and started playing. I’ve never used gouache (rhymes with “squash” by the way), but I had a coupon for the big box art store down the road yesterday so I grabbed a pack and a pad of watercolor paper. This morning was a good day to jump in and get my feet wet. Literally.

Armed with a rainy morning, kids in school, hot tea, to-do lists done, James Taylor station on Pandora, and guoache, I spent an hour and came up with this quick little doodle.


Clearly, I need practice on all kinds of levels here, but it was a fun break for myself.

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.”

-Twyla Tharp

Want to join in on the challenge? Easy simple. And it doesn’t matter, as long as you created it and had fun with it. Whatcha got?