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I’m excited to share a new card with you! Mostly because I’m so proud of a childhood friend who was worked so very hard on his career and just passed the NY Bar Exam. Wahoo!! So I felt he deserved a little something more personal than just a social media high five, so I doodled up this little card.


“You did it! And I never doubted you.”

And then I thought, well maybe some of you could consider that too. How often do we just glaze over our news feeds scrolling and giving just a click of a button to congratulate a friend? I’m guilty. There really is something extra special in sending a hand-written note. Taking a minute to jot a quick note and drop it in the mail. It’s a win-win. They get a happy moment in their day, and something to keep and remember. And you feel happy in your heart because you’ve shared a little piece of love.

Did your friend just pass the Bar Exam? (Way to go Rhett!)
Run a marathon? (I may never understand those kinds of runners!)
Cooked supper without burning the biscuits? (Go Mom!!)

Whatever their feat, you’ll want to send them a special note to congratulate their accomplishments!

Stop by the shop and pick out a card to send a special note. It’s better than a “Like!”