New Card in the Shop


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I’m excited to share a new card with you! Mostly because I’m so proud of a childhood friend who was worked so very hard on his career and just passed the NY Bar Exam. Wahoo!! So I felt he deserved a little something more personal than just a social media high five, so I doodled up this little card.


“You did it! And I never doubted you.”

And then I thought, well maybe some of you could consider that too. How often do we just glaze over our news feeds scrolling and giving just a click of a button to congratulate a friend? I’m guilty. There really is something extra special in sending a hand-written note. Taking a minute to jot a quick note and drop it in the mail. It’s a win-win. They get a happy moment in their day, and something to keep and remember. And you feel happy in your heart because you’ve shared a little piece of love.

Did your friend just pass the Bar Exam? (Way to go Rhett!)
Run a marathon? (I may never understand those kinds of runners!)
Cooked supper without burning the biscuits? (Go Mom!!)

Whatever their feat, you’ll want to send them a special note to congratulate their accomplishments!

Stop by the shop and pick out a card to send a special note. It’s better than a “Like!”



Art Every Day Month #2 and #3


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I hope you had a great weekend! We had beautiful weather here in WNC. Cooler temps and lots of wind, which kept us inside. We watched the newer version of Alice in Wonderland (and by newer, I mean, it was released 3 years ago and we’re just now watching it). My kids loved it. And Señor even stayed awake through the whole thing – that’s saying something right there! Anyway, I thought it was really well done. Lots of color and imagination – win! I think we may be seeing mushrooms popping up in some future doodles.


I decided to start a new art journal specifically for the AEDM entries, so for #2 and #3, I did a double-page spread, playing around with Prismacolor markers (fun!!) and a Pilot Precise V5.2013schacon_AEDM02Detail2

I don’t normally gravitate to such bright and bold colors, but I couldn’t resist! (Maybe it was still channeling Tim Burton.) And since I got an extra hour for Daylight Savings Time, I just worked played all night and let the doodles flow!2013schacon_AEDM03Detail2


Are any of you guys playing along with the Art Every Day Challenge? Chime in below!


What’s Up Wednesday


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Here’s a little secret about myself for some of you. Growing up, I played the piano at my church. My baptist church. I would even sing! (Gasp!! I know!!) Don’t tell my current church staff, ok?? Deal. That’s actually how I met my then-boyfriend-now-husband, but I’ll save that story for another day.

Anyway, back to this post. Right. I played in my church. Good ol’ southern gospel hymns. You just can’t beat them. They still rattle around in my heart and sometimes even out of my piano (gee, I hope the neighbors can’t hear!), and recently, out of my sketchbook. So I decided to play around with it a bit and look what happened!


A new print for my DoodleSwirl shop on Etsy! Go on, I’ll wait here…

I really had fun with it and I have a few other hymns in mind, but I’d love to hear from you. Does anyone have a favorite hymn? Wouldn’t it be fun to have a whole collection of “oldies but goodies”!?

Be blessed!
~ Stacey

Just Be



Do you ever have those moments when there is so much going on that you just need a break from the routine to just breathe? I do. Between my regular job, freelance projects, project planning, business planning, meal planning, school functions, church functions, mama-ing, wife-ing, friend-ing, and juggling a million thoughts at one time in brain… sometimes I just need to get quiet and just be.

I recently introduced myself to the blog of an artist named Megan Wells. She’s got some really great work. You should check it out sometime. One of her posts back in May was on “Overcoming the Opposite of Creative Block” and oh how I can relate! I was immediately inspired to take her suggestion and walk myself through her exercise – focus on one phrase, limit the supplies and get it out.

So I did. No pressure. No end-product in mind. Nothing to prep and print. Just be.

I limited myself to just a 2-page spread in my small (5.5×8.5in) art journal and my Pilot Precise pen, and I just filled the pages with the phrase that keeps echoing in my head over and over…

2013schacon_JustBe14 2013schacon_JustBe112013schacon_JustBe13 2013schacon_JustBe092013schacon_JustBe12    2013schacon_JustBe062013schacon_JustBe102013schacon_JustBe01 2013schacon_JustBe07  2013schacon_JustBe08 2013schacon_JustBe042013schacon_JustBe03  2013schacon_JustBe02 2013schacon_JustBe15

Your turn! Grab a journal, a pen, a favorite phrase and doodle away!


What’s Up Wednesday


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Has Fall arrived in your neck of the woods? The cooler temps are creeping in this week around here, but the color hasn’t quite arrived in full force in the lower elevations. I’m itching to get up on the Parkway (if “they” will keep it open *cough, cough*) to crunch some leaves and find some color!

You know what I like about Fall hiking? Hats. Ok, that’s not the only thing, but how is that for a transition? Ha!! Continue reading